I.V.S.          International          Limited

Tailor made to your requirements

Our range of equipment can be specifically designed to suit your particular needs:

Hydraulic power units
Hydraulic replacement parts
Electrical control systems
Mechanical prime movers
Bale marshalling systems

See below for an example of our ancillary equipment.

Ancillary Equipment

Hydraulic Control System

Hydraulic control system

Description: 30kw unit used for vertical high density press.


Hydraulic/electrical control system

Hydraulic/electric control system

Description: Self contained 22kw and 5.5kw power pack with central control system.


Electrical control system

Electrical Control System

Description: Fully tropicalized hydraulic power pack with electrical control station - as used in Palm Oil mill.

Hydraulic control system

Hydraulic control system

Description: 30kw power pack with high efficiency cooling and filtration system.


Hydraulic Power Pack

Hydraulic Power Pack and Control System

Description: 15kw power unit for bagging press.

Hydraulic Power Pack

37kw Hydraulic Power Pack

Description: Duplex 37kw hydraulic pack with twin 5.5kw auxiliary circuit. 

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