I.V.S.          International          Limited I.V.S. International Ltd, Alpha House, New Hey Road, Outlane, Huddersfield, HD3 3YL, United Kingdom

About IVS International Ltd

Located on the Pennine Border in the North of England, our office and design facilities are served by an intersection on the UK motorway and rail network. This position - within 40km of two international airports together with our modern high-speed communication network allows us to service the needs of our UK customers and clients throughout the world. We have a long history of providing machinery and services to overseas clients, with the experience and engineers to install, train and work with you to achieve results. Our associated translation and language training company are able to compile technical instruction, maintenance and training manuals into most European, Russian and Afrikaans languages to adhere to C.E. regulations give a total client service. In house we operate AutoCad2000 drafting, industry compatible word processing and basic D.T.P. software packages.

Specialists in all aspects of waste management. We supply balers, shredders and conveyors handling a variety of material from all papers and plastics to flexible foams and even bagasse. Providing you with the machinery you need is only part of the service:

Advice and consultancy
Design and drawing
Plant refurbishment
Installation and commissioning
Operator training.

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